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3 ways to IMPROVE your HORMONES⁠:

3 ways to IMPROVE your HORMONES⁠:

Hormone issues can manifest in SO MANY ways! Hot flashes, sleep disruptions, mood swings, irregular cycles, infertility, acne, libido, menopause issues, etc.⁠

Does this sound like you? There are so many women going through the exact same thing!⁠

When it comes to improving these imbalances, where do you start?⁠ Here are my three favorite ways…

✨Test your hormones – know the root cause!
✨Cut out the crap – endocrine disruptors/toxins ⁠
✨Add in more Proteins, Fats, Greens & Sleep⁠

Getting individual testing and coaching is so important because your body is going to need something entirely different than someone else’s. A cookie cutter diet is only going to leave you feeling discouraged and hungry!

This is exactly why I offer DUTCH hormone testing – it’s the best way to get an individual look at what your hormones are doing and where you can find the root cause of your health issues. We can then create a unique plan for your body and goals. ⁠

If you are ready to work with your body and hormones, and get long lasting results, a DUTCH hormone test is a perfect place to start. Fill out the DUTCH link below:

DUTCH Test: https://drbethwestie.com/dutch-hormone-testing/

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