learn how to Eat for your cycle
and Stick with it

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Have You ever felt like you are at the mercy of your cycle and you have no control over your energy, mood or consistency at certain times of the month?

Learn how to boost energy, get better sleep, decrease cravings, and feel in control of your body using whole food nutrition that works with your physiology….and actually stick with it.

Hosted By

Elizabeth Benton

Personal Development Expert

Dr. Beth Westie

Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert

As women our hormones shift and change every week. On top of that, our bodies hormonally change throughout our lives and during different phases of our hormone cycle our bodies need different things nutritionally.

When we aren’t supporting that hormonal shift with our nutrition we end up working against our body versus with it. Instead when we match our nutrition with our hormone cycle and support each dominant hormone’s function we optimize our body’s ability to function! 

Just because things like cravings, decreased energy, PMS and brain fog seem common, does not mean they are normal!

Using nutrition we can help alleviate these challenges by working with our body. But it’s about more than just knowing what to do. It’s about doing it.

In this summit we are going to help you learn, and stick with the basics of eating for your cycle. We aren’t going to overload you with info that leaves you stuck on where to start.

We are going to give you simple, actionable steps you can take each day. So this isn’t just another thing you try. This becomes the new way you support and fuel your female body.

Start working with your body Without Restricting or Depriving Yourself

learn how nutrition that matches your physiology can be the key to success! No more worrying about not being able to stick with it!

Creating real change is about so much more than just following a meal guide. In order to truly create change we have to shift the way we think and we have to have a plan that’s best designed to support our body’s natural function. 

If you are like us, you’ve picked a day to go all in. Motivated and ready to do it once and for all. Only to be left feeling overwhelmed, burned out and like a failure when you couldn’t stick with it for more than a few weeks.

Maybe on January 1st you told yourself this would be the year you would really make a change, and you’re already feeling yourself faltering.

In this virtual summit we are going to teach you how to create real change by implementing mindset and nutrition shifts designed for women on a step by step basis. And giving you the tools you need to be successful.

This is meant to be simple, and actionable, meeting you where you are. So you can take it step by step to start seeing a result, and know it will last.

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