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the female fat burn course

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Master your metabolism, and learn once and for all how to get your body functioning optimally so you can shed the weight, boost your energy, and finally end the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

A Nutrition & Exercise Plan Designed for Women

As women our hormones shift and change throughout the month and our nutrition and workouts should as well. This is why I teach you Nutrition for your Hormones!

If you feel like you’ve been doing all the right things, but not seeing the results you are working so hard for, this is why!

If you eat and exercise the same all month long you are missing out on taking advantage of your unique physiology to get your body balanced, and into a deeper fat burning mode!

Hi, I'm dr. beth!

I help women balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss results by using Nutrition for your Hormones, Eating for your Cycle, along with specific fat burning tactics for women.

I spent years struggling with ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, and my weight. I never really felt like anything fit for me, and the advice I was being given from my Doctor wasn’t helpful. It wasn’t until I really dove into my Eastern Medicine background and started working with my patients using nutrition that matched their hormone cycle that things really changed for them and me.

Not only were women experiencing less hormone related symptoms, they were experiencing more energy, better sleep, and started shedding weight easily.

After having helped hundreds of women regain control of their health and nutrition I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same! I can’t wait to take you through this course so you are able to implement Nutrition for your Hormones, too!

It's time to learn what your body needs

Learn What Your Body Needs to Boost Metabolism Naturally

Through 8 different modules you were learn how to properly get your body functioning it’s best so you can boost your energy, minimize hormonal symptoms, look and feel your best!

Balance Hormones & Tap into Fat Burning Naturally

By using specific Nutrition for Your Hormones you are able to take advantage of balancing hormones and getting your body into fat burning naturally. 

You will be given a 28 day meal guide that allows you to implement Eating for your Cycle in an easy, and flexible way. 

Maximize Fat Burning in Your Workouts

Did you know the female body only stays in fat burning for a maximum of 3 hours after a workout?

And if not done correctly, exercise can lead to releasing excess cortisol resulting in fat storage.

You will be given guidance and specific workouts best for each phase of your cycle.


The information Dr. Beth provided was information I wish I had known years ago. It was amazing how much I didn’t know about my own body! I’ve been using the meal guide for 2 months now and have noticed regular cycles, no PMS, more energy and I’ve dropped a few inches. But more than this I just feel really good, and in tune with my body. I highly recommend this course to any woman!” – Teresa N.

What will I learn?

"I wish I knew this information years ago!

Dr. Beth shares so much insightful information in this course it is well worth it to ANY woman wanting to learn more about her body. I loved that she gave us specific guides that we could implement. It made applying the information so much easier! The meal guide & the workouts were awesome!" - Jenny S.

Frequently asked questions

Any woman who is interested in learning more about nutrition, dieting, and exercise recommendations specific for women. Women of all ages will benefit from the information and resources provided.

This course is designed as a self guided course. You can work through the 8 modules at your own pace. The course is yours to keep.

Along with the 8 video modules you will receive a 28 day meal guide designed for the female cycle, a exercise guide with workouts specific to each phase of your cycle, 2 separate cookbooks, and a mindset worksheet to get a better understanding of your thoughts around nutrition and dieting, and specific actions to start shifting it.

Yes! Between the information provided, nutrition guide and workouts you will have the tools you need to start eating and exercising in accordance with your cycle.

The course is designed to teach you how to use nutrition to help balance hormones. You will start to notice more regular cycles, alleviating PMS symptoms, alleviate menopause symptoms, improvement in energy and sleep, weight loss, and an overall improvement how your body functions.

This is a self-guided program. It does not include any direct coaching. If you are looking for personal coaching from me, I would encourage you to check out my 12 week or VIP program.


I’m Dr. Beth – Mom, Wife, Author, Chiropractor, and Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert.

I am passionate about helping women balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss. I love helping women better understand their bodies, and take control of their health.
After suffering a miscarriage, and then struggling for years with ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, and yo-yo dieting, I knew there had to be a better way.
When I started to dive in, I found most of the nutrition, health and weight loss information in the main stream media is researched on and works best for men.
As women our hormones are shifting every week of the month, and throughout our lives. In order to allow our bodies to function optimally, and to ultimately achieve any type of weight loss goal we have to take this shift into consideration.
I used my Eastern Medicine background paired with my extensive education in nutrition to come up with a protocol that uses nutrition to enhance the dominant hormones function during each week of the month.
Using whole food nutrition that matches the female cycle allows women to naturally balance hormones and achieve sustainable weight loss results.
After helping hundreds of women in my clinic achieve significant hormonal improvements and weight loss results, I sold my clinic to serve more women in the online space.
I published my book, The Female Fat Solution in 2017, and since have appeared on numerous local news stations and have continued to work with hundreds of women virtually. My goal is to help more women understand how their bodies work, and how they can use nutrition and their hormones to their advantage.

Are you ready to learn once and for all what your body needs?

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